Soren and Des on BartWe just got back from a great trip to San Francisco for Molly & Jeremy’s wedding near Santa Cruz.  Soren was great on the flight, didn’t cry, flirted with our neighbors in the aisle.

He also learned about the air jets in the ceiling, had fun putting his hands in front of them, learned how to rip up paper (which was fascinating to him), and made a ton of new sounds.

Oma, Farfar and Aunt Stina visit Destiny's work with Soren Sam, Gisela, and Stina (along with their two dogs and cat) moved up to Seattle from Phoenix for the summer to watch Soren during the work week.  What a gift!!!

Once a week, they take the bus downtown to visit Destiny during her lunch hour. Here is a photo just outside of the coffee shop, Caffe Migliore, where they have lunch and drink lattes while Soren is busy showing off his big smile to all of Destiny’s colleagues at Merrill Lynch.

IMG_4530.JPGSoren went on his first vacation this month.  We just finished up a 2 1/2 week RV trip down the coast of Oregon and Washington.

A big set of photos and video can be found here.

We visited friends and explored parks, going through Portland, Newport Beach, Yachats, the sand dunes at Spinreel State Park near Florence, Coos Bay, Jedediah Redwood State Park, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, the Hearst Castle at San Simeon, Big Sur  State Park, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the boardwalk and Mystery Spot at Santa Cruz, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, back to San Francisco to see Alcatraz, Santa Rosa, Chico, back to Portland, to Oakville, and back home!

IMG_2901.JPGIMG_2899.JPGIMG_2900.JPGSoren moved into his new “crib” on March 10th.  This bassinette was actually built by my Dad over 40 years ago for me to sleep in.  My mom sewed all the sheets and covers.  It’s a nice design.

So me, Lars, and Kristina all slept in this thing as infants – Pretty cool!  They kept it in storage and brought it up here last summer.  At the end of the summer, I stripped off the old paint and repainted it for Soren.

Marcello of course was very interested in getting in it.  We told him he couldn’t, so he took up residence in the unit downstairs.

A few more photos and video of Soren at home:


Bitteman! Bring me some milk, post haste!!

I can tell you that I have been waiting exceptionally long for my dinner.  This pedestrian-quality service simply will not do! You, Madam, have the gall to make me wait in a manner to which I am not accustomed? Is this some clever ruse?

Do not be misled by my unaccustomed weakness of will.  I can assure you that this lack of proper nourishment weighs upon me like great chains on my spirit.

Do not make me become vociferous with my displeasure.

Soren's Future Car

We got the email address We figured we’d send email to him telling him what we were doing with him every so often. At some point, we’ll give him the email address – he’ll have an interesting record of what was going on in his life at the time.

If you have anything to send Future-Soren, please email him directly at!

In 2025, Soren’s robot will drive him around and read his ancient email in his future-car. Beep beep boop!!

My first (semi-successful) attempt at changing a diaper and swaddling Soren. Soren was very patient!

From 2009-03-Soren-birth

On another note, we wanted to put in a word on how simply amazing Anna (our Doula) was! I can’t imagine going through the birthing experience without her. At one point during labor, she told Destiny “Stop thinking that. You need a new mantra.” Destiny stopped and said “Yeah, yeah, you’re right!” She was somehow a mind-reader – able to know exactly what Destiny was thinking, how to calm her, how to keep her moving forward.
I’d highly recommend her to anyone having a baby. Her web site is

IMG_2727.JPGWe’d like to introduce you to the smallest person we know. We’re happy to announce the arrival of Soren Winston Liden! Born this morning (Saturday March 7th) at 5:04AM. He’s 7lbs, 9.8oz, 20 1/4 inches long.

The whole birth story:
Destiny went into labor when her water broke at 12:54AM on Friday morning (the 6th). She had immediate strong contractions only a minute or two apart. We didn’t get much sleep that night. Our doula Anna came over about 6AM. She was completely invaluable, helping and calming Destiny. We decided to head to the hospital (Swedish First Hill) around noon when her contractions were consistently a minute or two apart and very strong.

Destiny was admitted around 12:40, and we found out that she was 3-4 cm dialated and that her strong back pain was because the baby was Occiput Posterior (where the skull hits the tailbone). Destiny tried to make progress and to get Soren to flip around for about another 10 hours.

Contractions slowed down, and since there’s a 24 hour window in the hospital after your water breaks to push the baby out, she decided to get an epidural and use petocin to speed up contractions. This let Destiny rest a bit, but the contractions caused Soren’s heartbeat to slow down significantly enough that the doctor pulled back on the petocin. We didn’t know how much more Soren could take of the contractions, knowing that there was still an additional 2-4 hours of pushing ahead, and didn’t want to end up with an emergency caesarean section during a push with his life at risk. So at 4:30AM we decided to have a c-section.

The surgery went great, it was fast, and both Soren and Destiny were healthy. We had a few visitors waiting for us in the room, and plenty more over the weekend.

Thanks for all your text messages, phone calls and visits!!!

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